Understanding Mechanisms of Progression For Prostate Cancer

Once Exposed to Hormonal Therapy, Prostate Cancer May Develop Resistance by
Becoming AR Negative

Mechanisms of Progression For Prostate Cancer May Include Adaptation and Selection1:

AR=androgen receptor; LHRH=luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone.

A Poor Response to Initial Therapies May Be a Sign of Refractory Disease or Acquired Resistance2-4

Patients May Develop Resistance to Medications

Response Patterns to Treatment in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Adapted from Mukherji, et al. 2014.

  • Men with mCRPC may require a different type of treatment that can overcome this resistance5

mCRPC=metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

It may be important to take into account a patient’s unique clinical factors and response to prior lines of therapy when deciding on subsequent treatment.5

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